Match your employees & applicants to the right team, project or department.

Control your entire HR process in one Smart platform.

Get the right information for your daily HR operations and strategy.

Applicant & employee Management

Manage your inflow of applicants, their application and on-boarding process. See where your employees are working, resources and contracts linked, assess their competencies, skills and experience.

Organization mapping

Get insights in your organizational structures, dynamics, projects & your best fitting teams.

Advanced matching

Use the power of our AI and advanced capabilities to map the experience, competencies and skills of employees and applicants.

Generative AI

We use generative AI for different parts of our application creating better result every time you use our software.

Tasks & workflows

Build in workflow templates and tasks for your day-to-day operations. Fully adjustable to your organizations needs, create your own templates and workflows that follow your organizations processes.

Supports strategic decision making

Our software maps your organization, your teams, and will generate reports and advice about the best matches, team mix and future HR requirements. So you can make solid and data driven decisions about your hiring, training and HR strategies and policies.

Assessments & questionnaires

Build-in personality and competency assessments. Create your own assessments and questionaires or use templates for Quality and Safety systems. 

Manage HR resources, assets & requirements

Manage resources like computers, workspaces, cars. Benefits & salary packages of employees. Your talent pipeline for your job requirements. 

Document parsing

Use the power of AI to pull out information like personal details, education, work history, skills, and other relevant data from a CV. Automate data entry and speed up the application process.

Portals for different users

Secure portals for applicants, employees, hiring mangers and (internal) clients.


We support APIs to allow different software applications to communicate with our platform.  Enabling access the services or data  efficiently and securely. Customizations to most platforms are possible.

Two-way authentication

We use two-way authentication for all users, for higher security and making sure the right persons have access to data.

Easy dashboards & exports

Dashboards with relevant information presented at one place targetedd at specific user. Possibilities to generate reports and export operational data to spreadsheets.

EU AI act & GDPR compliant

Direct and oversee your organization’s AI operations. Check and maintain the health, accuracy, drift, bias, and overall quality of the used AI models. Use advanced tools for governance, risk, and compliance management. GDPR compliant.

Multi national & -langual

We currently supports English, French, German, and Dutch.  You can also customize to your own liking and we support additional languages, like Arabic or Spanish.

For teams of any size

HR departments & management

Daily use for (HR) Directors and operational HR staff like Recruiters and Training & development managers.

Hiring managers & (internal) clients

Hiring managers & (internal) clients can make requirements for talent and follow their talent pipelines and teams.

Applicants & people in your organization

Applicants have easy acces to a portal, for making assessments, uploading data and following their hiring process. Employees have all their HR related data in one portal.

Security & privacy

Our software is hosted in the most reliable and secure datacenters, using 2-way authentication. GDPR and EU AI act compliant.

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