Software for managing your workforce & organization

ppleflow is a smart & simple to use platform to support organizations in acquiring, tracking, training and putting people in their best environment

Improve and control your HR processes & organization

ppleflow offers a smart & easy to use platform for SME & big organisations to improve workforce & organization performance and efficiency.


  • Make better decisions related to HR & your organization: who to hire, who to train, who to allocate to your projects and subdivisions, who to rotate within the company.
  • Know where your organisation is heading to and your current & future HR requirements to anticipate for the ever changing business dynamics.
  • Improve your Strategy making process.

Best fit of people in their working environments

Resulting in:

  • Better performing & happier employees
  • Better control of workforce
  • Eliminate redundant and time consuming spreadsheets and multitude of different software solutions
  • A less biased decision making process related to HR and Strategy
  • Anticipate to what is coming next in organization life cycle and make the right strategic choices
  • Better efficiency and reduce costs

“Connecting people & working environment”

Easy input

Input trough web-based desktop and smart phone environments.

Smart management

Always have a real-time overview of your workforce and organization.

Flexible reporting

Standard and customisable dashboards and reports for HR & Strategy decision making process.

Managing Your HR Processes Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.