Our Story

Our platform was created because HR professionals like us needed a way to use the latest technologies and HR insights effectively. It was developed by experts with many years of experience in the global HR & IT fields.

Connecting the Dots

Working in HR for decades we experienced that a lot of time and talents are wasted in recruitment, training, and internal mobility due to several reasons:

  • Insufficient understanding of the environment.
  • Not enough time to gather and analyze all the necessary data.
  • Recruiters often lack the specialized knowledge or experience needed.
  • Bias throughout the process.
  • IT systems frequently fail to efficiently collect and use data in a user-friendly manner.

It was clear that we needed a better way to standardize how we profile people and define job requirements, especially as companies continue to evolve rapidly. Connecting the HR domain with the Organizational and Strategy domains is essential for achieving better results.

In short: We need to connect all the dots for more effective outcomes.

How to Connect the Dots

After years of experience and research in HR and organizational development, we’ve blended practical processes with scientific methods, drawing from both established practices and new discoveries. This combination has led us to a more reliable and unbiased way to understand the working environment and the people within it.

Thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning, our methodology can now analyze vast amounts of data and provide increasingly deeper insights, all without the need for numerous specialized consultants. This makes it easier to manage HR, training, organizational development, and financial requirements through a simple, self-learning system.

Our approach offers less biased, scientifically-based insights that are easy to apply and suitable for a wide type of organizations, from medium-sized enterprises to large corporates, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Developing Your Organization and People

We’ve developed a comprehensive software platform called ppleflow, designed to simplify the integration of both people and organizational aspects.

Utilizing advancements in AI and machine learning, our platform can analyze large amounts of data to provide deep, continuously improving insights. This eliminates the need for many specialized consultants. It simplifies the management of HR, training, organizational development, and financials through a user-friendly, self-learning system.

Our methodology produces unbiased, universal insights grounded in science and easily applicable across various sectors, including SMEs, large corporations, semi-governmental agencies, and non-profits.

Our platform is designed to enhance your understanding of your organization and human resources, facilitating more informed and impartial decisions across hiring, training, and strategic planning.

This approach offers substantial benefits:

  • Streamlined Hiring: Reduces time and redundancy in the hiring process.
  • Enhanced Recruitment: Identifies better candidates by considering all aspects.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Places employees in roles where they can thrive and be happier.
  • Organizational Insight: Provides a clear understanding of your organization’s current state.
  • Strategic HR Management: Guides the management and development of your workforce with an eye on future needs and strategies.
  • Effective Leadership and Team Dynamics: Ensures the right leadership and team composition are in place.

These improvements not only foster organizational growth but also lead to significant reductions in costs.

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