Put people in their best spot & create great teams

Smart Matching
Match your employees & applicants to the right team, project or department with our advanced AI.
HR Management
Control your entire HR process in one Smart platform.
Secure strategic & operational insights
Get the right information for your daily HR operations and strategy in a safe and GDPR & EU AI compliant way.

Smart HR management and matching solution

We offer a smart & easy to use platform to manage your workforce & organization.

Improve and control your HR processes & organization

  • Make better HR decisions: who to hire, train, assign to projects, or rotate within the company.
  • Understand your organization’s direction and current and future HR needs to adapt to changing business dynamics.
  • Enhance your strategy-making process.

Best fit of people in their working environments

  • Improved employee performance and happiness
  • Eliminate redundant spreadsheets and multiple software solutions
  • Reduce bias in HR and strategy decisions
  • Anticipate organizational changes and make better strategic choices
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
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